Homenaje Rey Lagarto

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Elo Aqui......................

Awake./Shake dreams from your hair/my pretty child, my sweet one./Choose the day and choose the sign of your day/the day's divinity/First thing you see./A vast radiant beach and cooled jeweled moon/Couples naked race down by it's quiet side/And we laugh like soft, mad children/Smug in the wooly cotton brains of infancy/The music and voices are all around us./Choose they croon the Ancient Ones/the time has come again/choose now, they croon/beneath the moon/beside an ancient lake/Enter again the sweet forest/Enter the hot dream/Come with us/everything is broken up and dances./Indians scattered,/ On dawn's highway bleeding/Ghosts crowd the young child’s,/ Fragile eggshell mind/We have assembled inside,/ This ancient and insane theater/To propagate our lust for life,/ And flee the swarming wisdom of the streets./The barns have stormed/ The windows kept,/And only one of all the rest/ To dance and save us/ From the divine mockery of words,/Music inflames temperament./ Ooh great creator of being/ Grant us one more hour,/ To perform our art/ And perfect our lives./ We need great golden copulations,/When the true kings murderers/ Are allowed to roam free,/A thousand magicians arise in the land/ Where are the feast we are promised?/One more thing/Thank you oh lord/For the white blind light/Thank you oh lord/For the white blind light/A city rises from the sea/I had a splitting headache/From which the future's made.

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